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To celebrate the humble beginning of our little review blog, we figured we’d host a giveaway. The prize? A steam key for Long Live the Queen! So pass this along to any friends who might want the game. 🙂



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Mystery Corgi is a gaming-centric artist, musician, writer, and programmer. She likes indie games, RPGs, and visual novels.

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19 thoughts on “Kickoff Giveaway

  • DanteIzanagi

    I like visuals novels because it’s a combination of two things I like: anime and books. :p Thanks for the giveaway!

  • acidpoison

    What do I love about VNs? I guess it’s because you can change fate. When I watch anime sometimes I think about other choices the character could have made. Visual Novels let you make those decisions.

  • RagingJonesYT

    I like visual novels because they give me a feeling of going through a story of my own, without having to get the story to my life, and i like them because they have a sense of adventure and romance or Suspense that makes it more enjoyable, and i also like the story depending on what topic the visual novel is, plus the choices they have make it like a choose your own adventure book if you’ve ever own one, also, i’m awaiting AIdol, it looks creative in a way that compels me.

  • Branden Boisvert

    I enjoy visual novels because it’s a break from the action. I play a lot of CS:GO, Call of Duty, and similar games. It’s very action-y, but with visual novels, I can just relax and enjoy some good story.

  • megaeric

    I like visual novels because as someone already said it combines two things I like: books and anime. And also because how they can have different endings and it makes you want to replay them over and over again to discover every part of the story and the characters within it.

  • Eduardo Camejo

    I enjoy visual novels because it’s the perfect combination between great music, marvelous plot, and anime style art :33

  • Arthur

    I love visual novels because they are such a nice way of story telling and put you in control of a characters actions and change the story.

  • Dmaest

    I really, really like visual novels for their characters, storylines, creativity, atmosphere, music, and just how amazing they can be with all of these combined. Anime, Manga, Light Novels, and Visual Novels are my favorite forms of entertainment thus far. I do enjoy Dating Sims, as well as a mix of Dating Sims and Visual Novels, too.

    Fate/stay Night, Disabled Girls, Rewrite, and many others.

  • Rozume

    Visual Novels are amazing! I love how you can focus on the story and yet make choices that affect the storyline. I used to be one of those people who thought “oh, Visual Novels are just silly porn games” but when I actually sat down and played a Visual Novel (an otome to be exact) I found them to be really fun!

  • Pumadoo

    It started when a friend told me about visual novel. At first i just play it because im an otaku myself, but after i played it a bit (long) and then reached the ending, i feel amazed about the storytelling, its just… different. I’ve seen quite a bit of anime and mangas, but visual novel have its own storytelling that even adaptations cant really convey the atmosphere of the visual novel. “Original are better” yes, but theres still people that prefer animes (like myself before) but after playing more of it, id began to understand that visual novel is not like telling a story, but it lets you to be the story itself, its hard to choose choices (if its more than 2 ofc) but still even if its a simple question, it will still make a difference afterwards, sometimes it will make you cry, laugh, happy even angry but in the end, its all your decisions, its just you and only you.

    And of course i love visual novel 😀

  • Dark Flame Master

    Visual Novels are great because it’s like a combination of books, games and anime and those are 3 things I like the most.

  • Twilit

    I have always enjoyed reading books, listening to music and watching anime/reading manga. A combination of all these? F- yeah!

  • Vladamir

    Probably because they are more in depth and give give players more power over the story than most games.
    Comparable to games like GTA and the elder scrolls, except more story focused, and with a smaller budget. More emotional, as well.