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Mystery Corgi is a gaming-centric artist, musician, writer, and programmer. She likes indie games, RPGs, and visual novels.

We got the chance to do an interview with the director and founder of Dicesuki, the team behind the popular Cinderella Phenomenon, which recently debuted on Steam! After having a successful Kickstarter, the game was released for free, so do go grab a copy! It is also available on! […]

Interview with Cinderella Phenomenon’s Dicesuki   Recently updated !

A new contender has reached the visual novel engine market–Visual Novel Maker! Degica, the publisher of the RPG Maker series is preparing to release the new tool. The new engine will come to PCs in Autumn 2016. The new engine and suite of tools is based on André Radomski’s KorteX RPG […]

Visual Novel Maker Announced

Never before have I thought that maybe a game had been tailor made for me in secret, without my knowing. Until now. I like gardening. I enjoy clicker games. I love visual novels. I’m a fan of Repo! the Genetic Opera. Oh, and the main character’s name is a letter […]

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