The creator of Over the Hills and Far Away recently invited me to review the demo. I rarely if ever play demos, but the game’s Kickstarter had caught my eye, so I was willing to give it a go. You can download the demo here. Over the Hills and Far Away Demo: […]

Over the Hills and Far Away DEMO Review

Many thanks to Laniessa, who recently made us fanart of our mascot! Go check Laniessa’s gallery! Thank you! We’re super happy~

First Fanart!

In “Mad Father”, a game released by Miscreant’s Room (Sen) and translated by vgperson, Aya Drevis lives on an estate in northern Germany with her mad scientist father and his assistant, Maria. On the anniversary of Aya’s mother’s death, her father’s victims are brought back to life by a curse […]

Mad Father Review

Always Remember Me Writing 2 comments
SPOILER ALERT. Always Remember Me So, having just finished Nicole, it was with some trepidation that I approached Always Remember Me. With the same developer/publisher, artist, and mechanics as Nicole, I was prepared to be let down. Was I? Read more below~ I’ll do my best not to compare the […]

Always Remember Me Review

What is Fading Hearts about? Answering that question is tricky, considering it’s about several different things. For starters, it’s about a teenage boy named Ryou who lives in a country called “Sorayama” (a portmanteau of the Japanese words for “sky” and “mountain”) and goes to Crystal Stream Collegiate Institute with […]

Fading Hearts Review

Come meet the new/old “ADVaNCE-tan” mascot girl. If you have any name suggestions, let me know! I’m leaning towards Amethyst myself, right now. Here are my original concept designs:

ADVaNCE Mascot

To celebrate the humble beginning of our little review blog, we figured we’d host a giveaway. The prize? A steam key for Long Live the Queen! So pass this along to any friends who might want the game. 🙂     a Rafflecopter giveaway

Kickoff Giveaway

Nicole Otome Version SPOILER ALERT. Before I get into this review of the Nicole Otome game, I’ll admit that I have a small piece of history with the game. I was a writer for the Yuri version of Nicole until my health dropped out. I think I was the third writer […]

Nicole Otome Review