TellTale Games’ Game of Thrones sheds light upon a small but noble household: House Forrester, loyal bannermen and allies to House Stark even through recent controversy and war. But the immediate aftermath of the infamous Red Wedding sets a series of events in motion that changes everything, including the […]

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In “Mad Father”, a game released by Miscreant’s Room (Sen) and translated by vgperson, Aya Drevis lives on an estate in northern Germany with her mad scientist father and his assistant, Maria. On the anniversary of Aya’s mother’s death, her father’s victims are brought back to life by a curse […]

Mad Father Review

What is Fading Hearts about? Answering that question is tricky, considering it’s about several different things. For starters, it’s about a teenage boy named Ryou who lives in a country called “Sorayama” (a portmanteau of the Japanese words for “sky” and “mountain”) and goes to Crystal Stream Collegiate Institute with […]

Fading Hearts Review